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Risk management

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Risk management

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors aims to operate on the basis of a healthy balance between risk and return and strives to take risks in a conscious and sustainable manner. Integrated Risk Management is a key mechanism to meet this goal by providing the means to identify, assess and understand various types of risk inherent in all Bouwinvest services/products, activities, processes and systems.

To support Integrated Risk Management and to ensure that the fund remains within its risk profile and consequently its risk appetite, Bouwinvest set up a Risk Management Framework that enables it to address the fund-specific risks that may prevent the Fund from achieving its objectives. This consists of a balanced set of control measures and fund-specific key risk indicators and limit setting (including early warning limits) for the Fund's risk taxonomy.

As manager of the Fund, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors is responsible for the management of the risks in the Fund. Details regarding the risk management system applied to the Fund are elaborated on in the Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors' 2022 annual report.

Risks in the portfolio are monitored closely and the following events and risks were noteworthy in 2022.