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Financial statements

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13 Management fee

Bouwinvest received a management fee totalling € 59.9 million (2021: € 53.2 million), consisting of € 59.7 million (2021: € 52.9 million) on the basis of the net asset value.

14 Personnel costs

Wages and salaries increased by € 1.6 million in 2022.

15 Other operating expenses

Non-deductible VAT was €1.1 million higher than in 2021, mainly due to lower non-deductible VAT as a result of higher total expenses in 2022 (impact € 0.5 million) and the release of part of the provision for VAT deduction for expenses as a result

16 Result from investments in associates

17 Interest income and expenses

18 Corporate income tax

Subsequent events

No subsequent events occurred after the end of the reporting period.