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Report of Management Board

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1 Minimising climate impact of buildings / portfolio 

Bouwinvest is a signatory to the Paris Proof Commitment drawn up by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC).

2 Generating stable absolute and relative financial performance for investors 

Investing in real estate generates attractive and relatively stable returns in the long term and makes real estate an indispensable part of investors’ allocation models.

3 Stimulating and contributing to affordable housing and healthcare

As a socially responsible investment manager, Bouwinvest strives to ensure a sufficient supply of affordable housing and healthcare-related real estate, and is actively involved in ongoing talks between the government, the Dutch Association of

4 Promoting integrity and transparency 

Integrity, transparency and corporate social responsibility are fundamental to the way Bouwinvest achieves well-balanced returns.

5 Focusing on investor interest 

The key to Bouwinvest’ s future is being able to understand the interests of our investor clients and consistently acting in line with these interests.

6 Providing healthy and safe portfolio / buildings

The Dutch Considerate Construction code of conduct for building sites offers concrete guidelines for working in a conscientious manner with an eye for the local area, the environment, safety and reduced nuisance.

7 Making buildings climate-resilient 

In 2022, Bouwinvest carried out a scan of its entire portfolio (100% over 23,000 assets) to assess its climate resilience and risk profile. This resulted in a complete oversight at a region and individual asset level.

8 Investing in above-average sustainable buildings 

Bouwinvest uses various independent certification methods to manage its Dutch portfolios’ sustainability performance.

9 Contributing to liveability in cities and metropolitan regions

In 2022, Bouwinvest invested € 709 million worldwide in real estate, focusing on metropolitan regions in developed countries. These cities offer the best investment opportunities for our investors.

10 Ensuring cyber & data security and privacy  

Cyber security remains a high priority and every year Bouwinvest assesses its information security with the help of Northwave, a cyber security consultancy organisation.

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